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How Parents Can Help Their Athletes to Have An Outstanding Performance At their Next College ID Camp or Clinic

For Parents and Student-Athletes Ages 12+

Monday, May 15th
@ 7:30 PM NYC Time

Monday, May 15th

@ 7:30 PM NYC Time
​This workshop may be a good fit for you and your athlete(s) if you want to:
  • Learn the key areas that help athletes to prepare for their next college ID camp/clinic, tryout and tournament (while this workshop will center around confidently performing at college ID camps, the principles apply just as much to important tryouts, tournaments and beyond)
  • ​Understand how to better help your athlete to show up feeling confident, calm and prepared (so that they maximize their chances of having an outstanding performance while enjoying the experience to the fullest... instead of feeling stressed out)
  • ​Hear Jen & Luke's take on the most common "mistakes" that athletes & parents make that negatively impact performance & confidence in the lead up to an important event
  • I can't attend live. Will you send a replay? If you can't attend live Jen still recommends that you register for the workshop because a replay will be emailed to you after the live event. You will have 2 weeks to watch the replay before it expires. (If extenuating circumstances come up and you and your child are unable to watch the replay before it expires, please email Jen at and she will make sure you get access to it.)
  • ​Who is invited to the workshop? Parents and student athletes ages 12+. When parents attend with their kids we've found that this helps with the transformation, learning and implementation of the tools we teach. The recommend age range is 12 years old and up. With that said, we've had younger athletes come to our workshops and they've received a ton of value from them. Ultimately it depends on the maturity of each student athlete.
  • ​How long is the workshop? 75 minutes.
  • Who are the creators of this workshop? Jen Hoy and Luke Bunder. Jen is a 7-year pro soccer player, Princeton grad and Certified Integrative Health Practitioner with experience playing with the U-23 Women's National Team. Luke is a retired pro boxer certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching (IIN) and is currently studying Neuro Semantics and positive psychology.
  • Not seeing your question answered? Please email us at
We can't wait to see you there!
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